About Us

About Company

The Safe, Easy to Use & Affordable Answer to Comfortable Space Saving Working Environment. Without Breaking the RULES or the WALLS.

Space is a scarce and precious commodity, hence should be utilized prudently and with advantage, at the same time with no sacrifice on the needed comfort and convenience.

KOMPACT, have experience and expertise of over 30 years, especially in Metal fabrication both in Mild Steel and Stainless Steel. With various Space Saving Systems & Techniques, our Products are Tailor-made / Custom-built and are designed and made as per client’s requirement. Hence shall help to solve the problems of Storage along with Conserve Space as much as possible for other use.

KOMPACT Storage Units are specially designed for storage of various items such as

  • Box/Flat Office Files, Bank Ledgers, Books for Library and other Records.
  • Computer Hardware, Cell Phones etc.
  • Food Tines, Beverages, Bottles etc.
  • Audio / Video Tapes, Picture Cane etc.
  • Garments, Cloth Materials, Rugs, Carpets, Linen, Uniforms etc.
  • Medicines, Hospital, Laboratory & Pharmaceutical equipment’s etc.
  • Artifacts, Curios, Paintings, Jewellery etc.
  • Merchandise of all kinds both Raw Material and Finished Goods etc.
  • Hardware items, Nut-Bolts, Pipes, Jewellery etc.

We have been Manufacturing & Installing PAN INDIA our wide range of products such as Compactors, Mobile Racks, Office Lockers, Cell Phone Lockers, Slotted Angle Racks, Heavy Duty Racks, 2 Tier Racks, Decking Panel Racks, Filing Cabinets, Library Racks, Library Bookcase, Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets, Cold Storage Racks, Hotel / Hospital / Laboratory / Pharmaceutical Storage Units & various type of Steel Storage Furniture to suit all types of Industries / Institutions & Organizations like Banks, Government Institutions, Offices, Schools, Colleges, Libraries, Law Firms, Hotels, Hospitals, Laboratories, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Transport companies, Films / Music & Media Houses, Textile, Steel, Construction companies, Cold Storages, Warehouses and many more.

Our products and their spares, and components are MADE IN INDIA and are guaranteed quality and trouble-free service for a long time – life time.

Our Vision

Durable Excellence

KOMPACT envisions providing storage solutions that stand the test of time, built with unmatched durability to ensure long-lasting performance for generations to come.

Customer-Centric Approach

KOMPACT's vision is centered around prioritizing customer satisfaction, understanding unique needs, and tailoring storage solutions that seamlessly integrate into various lifestyles and spaces.

Optimal Storage Solution

The vision for Kompact revolves around redefining space utilization to its optimal potential. We aim to revolutionize the way we inhabit and utilize spaces, making them more efficient, functional, and adaptable to our evolving needs.

Sustainability Commitment

KOMPACT envisions a future where storage solutions are not only durable but also environmentally sustainable, contributing to a greener planet through responsible manufacturing practices.

Innovative Design

KOMPACT aspires to lead with innovation, introducing cutting-edge designs that combine functionality and aesthetics, creating storage solutions that elevate both interior spaces and organizational efficiency.

Expertise and Proven Track Record

With over 35 years of industry expertise, KOMPACT has built a stellar reputation founded on a proven track record of happy clients spanning decades. we consistently designs and delivers storage solutions that not only meet but exceed customer expectations.