Decking Panel Racks

KOMPACT’s Decking Panel Racks are essential for efficient storage solutions. Designed to withstand heavy loads, these racks ensure the safe and organized storage of material, making them indispensable for warehouses and logistics centers aiming to streamline their inventory management and retrieval processes.

Decking Panel Racks are engineered for compatibility with various sizes, optimizing storage space for different product types. These racks are designed with safety in mind, incorporating features like load beams and rack guards to protect inventory and workers. The modular design of KOMPACT Decking Panel Racks makes them easy to expand or reconfigure as your storage needs evolve.


  • Strength and rigidity prevent compression damage to goods
  • Material can be located, accessed and moved individually
  • Direct access to all stored Material
  • The advantage of handling Individual Material without the need to move the others
  • Suits almost all types of goods
  • Easy relocation or addition of load supporting beams to accommodate new load size and/or additional levels
  • Rapid throughput and handling
  • Compatible with most types of handling equipment, building structures and floor surfaces
  • Utilizes available and otherwise wasted headroom
  • Lowest level Material can be placed on the floor
  • Maximizes limited floor space by taking advantage of higher ceilings
  • Absolute flexibility, both in terms of weight and volume
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